Boeing 757 Rework



Had a lot without flying this aircraft until yesterday. That’s when you realize how broken it is… Nose down during cruise. Impossible to move in the ground unless you apply about 80% throttle. Tends to increase speed when you are on final with no reason. Hope the devs can take note and do a soft rework like they did A333 which is such an enjoyable aircraft to fly. :). Which wasn’t before.


The only way to make it seem realistic is to fill it up to 117% in the red. Full fuel pax and cargo then at least realistic thrust is used for takeoff, just remember to dump fuel before landing. It’ll still be around 60% load on landing (over mlw) there’s no ground effect so it’ll need to be flared the taxi is without a doubt the worst part of it


I think the 757 looks cute IRL, but not so much in IF. Along with an updated cockpit, more liveries, and a 757-300, it could be more fuel efficient in game. It is nearly impossible to taxi it lower than 22% throttle (NOT N1, just the normal throttle) and doesn’t have the fuel necessary for a lot of cross-Atlantic flights. I recently tried LPPT (Lisbon, Portugal) to KIAD (Washington Dulles) and loaded the aircraft full of fuel right before takeoff. I made it to Dulles, but had 1% fuel left when I reached the gate. This is a real world flight and it is not the longest 757 flight.


I one time flew EGLL-KIAD as United 123 with this plane in IF. Needed to make a fuel stop in KBGR. I hear the 752 sometimes does need to make transatlantic fuel stops in real life, but that’s when the headwinds are really bad, maybe 100+ knots. I had headwinds no more than 50 knots average. The real flight that day was able to make it without a stop.


I really like the 757. It needs a rework so badly. It taxies really badly. I can never have a good landing because even if there is no wind, it still likes to sway. The flaps extend and retract to quickly. Thats why I think it needs to be the next rework.


Vote for this bad boy if you truly are a fan of the green! 👇

I fully support the rework of the 757!


There’s a lot of Delta love in the aviation community, and certainly in IF. The 757 is a key pillar in the Delta fleet. As a loyal DL flyer myself, I’ve been on quite a few, but the 757-300 is my favorite ride…mainly because there are so many premium and first class seats (higher upgrade likelihood). The -300 also boards between the wing and the forward door (second exit door), making it feel like a wide body.

I’d love to see this airframe improved in IF. Going from the reworked 737 or A330 to the 757 in IF is like a journey back in time…and not in a good way.


The 753 would be great addition to IF with the rework, along with scimitar winglets that United and Icelandair have on their 752s.


I’ve seen the 757 interior, and if you look on your left… There’s an ”Airliners” Magazine from 2014


Saw this beauty at LAX today. Didn’t see the nose pointing down on approach anywhere… Hope we get the rework soon!


EVA Air B757-200

We need this.


Icelandair B757 Northern Lights livery

We also need this defo


Hello to all IFC members I am in favor of them doing a full recovery on the Boeing 757-200 and adding all versions of the B757

(Unfortunately, I no longer have a vote).

This is a very nice request for features.


The 757 really does have a higher breakaway thrust than most aircraft.


The cockpit on most of the planes need rework


Saw this in the App Store reviews 😏 cough cough.


I mean who doesn’t love the 757


This just made me very happy, thank you for sharing this! Hope the “Distant Future” is not too long of a wait, but we’ll just have to keep an eye out for this old bird to be reworked!


Next update possibly?