Boeing 757 Rework


That’s a statement I can agree on. I mean although the plane is old, with almost outdated flight physics and all, after taking it for a stroll a few times, and as recently as last FNF, the plane did not behave badly at all. The main issue is that putting the thrust-livers on idle will make the aircraft to come to a halt… other than that, you can still fly this beauty and land very gracefully. So the taxiing part for me is what I personally believe needs most fixing. As for liveries and other parts of the flight, I don’t see much problem, but I’m saying no to improved physics all-around and a possible rework in the future :)


For me taxiing is huge, yeah. Also some smaller things similar in the A330, such as lack of ground effect, etc.


Yeah those minor things that can be improved by a little touch will set this bird into the sky feeling quite fresh. Like taking a shower 😅

Well ground effect, APPR for those who need it, and those other things coming with the soft-rework/improvement thingy for the A330 soon :)

The taxiing is the most and dare I say the only major issue with the aircraft. I honestly, think that fixing the taxiing problem will make this aircraft feel much better to fly.


My main gripe with the 757 is with the physics for the reasons mentioned above, as well as some aspecta of the model. The nose is extremely off, and the cockpit is one of the worst in Infinite Flight.


Personally, I find the taxiing the biggest issue, and other parts of the flight physics not to be much of a issue for me. But that’s just me. I still would like them to improve on other parts of the physics as it is needed, but the taxi part is what put me off from flying the aircraft.

Just generally flying the aircraft, maneuvering and such in the air, feels not that bad, I can still land fine and all, but I noticed that plane also slows down rapidly when idling while in the air. On short final, you still have to put some thrust into the plane to keeps it from stalling and do a fine landing.

Btw this is just personal experience, most of the time, I don’t find the 757 that bad, but there are very noticeable need for a rework and I, once say that a few touches on the physics is vital at this point.


We have to use takeoff thrust to taxi, half the thrust to takeoff, don’t need speed brakes to slow down and she flies nose down all the way!! Definitely needs fixing


We NEED this aircraft reworked! My second favorite aircraft deserves a nice beautification!


Yep, it would also be interesting to see the reworked cockpit and, the new liveries.
Take a look on one of the liveries I have requested once. :)


Be nice to have the jet2 livery without winglet and holidays maybe with?
As mentioned above aer lingus !


And a FedEx livery. 🙂


Honestly, I would be satisfied if this aircraft received a soft rework like the A330.
It’s a beautiful bird to fly around with, and just the little fixes will make a huge difference, like ground effect, better interior, etc.

It could use a few more liveries, and maybe a few cargo liveries, hint hint FedEx. But, overall, if I had to fly this aircraft right now, I would fly it. It still runs smooth, it’s just that is needs some touch-ups.


Considering that this airplanes cockpit is extremely outdated and it’s flight physics are even worse than the A330s I would argue that It would need a complete rework. Plus a commercial airliner hasn’t been fully reworked in quite a while


This aircraft is one that could get a rework say… light, as it was with the A330 recently, because the way the B757 is currently, there’s no way of even making an air bridge with it.


This really needs a rework.It is not a bad aircraft but it seems too light.It takes off too fast when heavy and other stuff like would be nice to have what FDS didi with the 330 recently.


I hope this is one of the three in development. It really needs an update even if it’s just a soft rework. It’s inacurate that the plane flies nose down and can fly 110-120 knots on approach with flaps 30. In real life it’s 135-140.


I haven’t seen anyone suggest this. Since we only have the 777-200LR for Turkmenistan. Why not add this bad boy.

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Would also be nice if this was reworked BEFORE they are phased out!!


I agree. The 757/767/777 are desperately in need of a rework. I’m not understanding the lack of attention or interest. We don’t need any more new aircraft unless it’s for the neglected GA community. 🤷🏼‍♂️


True, leave the new aircraft for now, how about get all current aircraft up to shape…at LEAST to a330 standards


Even if it does mean going without an updated cockpit, I’m not a developer but it took them about 2 weeks to fix the 330 and that was thanks to FBWFTW otherwise this would not have come with19.1