Boeing 757 Rework

Or we could take 757s to Saint Helena, because ya know…


I’m sure titan airways will come

I want Northwest and US Airways to stay

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Yeah so is Aeromexico and Old American Airlines

But kick Thomson out We need TUI now

Yea I wouldn’t care. I guess two Chinese liveries are coming according to Misha

Oooo It could be Air China and Xiamen (I think)

I just want Allegiant to stay

That too would be nice.

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I just want, well, all of them to stay and add the other liveries too 😂

Does the current Boeing 757 have APPR?

I don’t know
I don’t use APPR so I probably didn’t notice if it did or not

EWR is not bad it depends on what terminal you in if your in TC that it’s nice and clean TA is tiny but it’s ok TB is dirty but it’s the international so it’s always gonna be dirty

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Just a quick question, the 330 boys got their thread closed with the announcement whereby we will receive its rework… why hasn’t the same happened here?


Shh, you just prompted the mods. The 757 is too cool to have it’s rework thread closed 🤫🙃


Really hoping the thomas cook livery stays, it was one the UK’s largest 757 operator

(Long) Confirmed! Direct all livery requests to their respective topics, and all 20.3 chat to the 20.3 tracking thread. Thanks!