Boeing 757 Rework


This rework is the main one I’m hoping to see next year! This aircraft needs it so much. But I can only hope. Would you like to see this aircraft reworked next year?


Yes yes and yes!!


We just got a B737 soft rework so I don’t think the next rework will be a Boeing plane but, FDS PLZ!!


I wouldn’t say that. Yes I believe that some airbuses will be updated and even added next year, but this has a lot of votes, and desperately needs a rework. In my opinion, the 757 and 767 have worse cockpits than the A330 or A340 and even the A380. :)


Not only do the flight physics and physical design need a rework, but some liveries do too.
Here is a United 757-300
Image result for united 757|800x340


And here is a United 757-200 from Infinite Flight.
Image result for united 757 infinite flight|492x369


It might just bee me but I can see a pretty visable difference in color. Especially on the underbelly and engines. And a slight color difference on the tail. Might just be the lighting from the first picture. Anyway I think the 757 has a lot that needs to be fixed and deserves some love, don’t you agree?


I don’t know about you, but I see no difference in liveries. The underbelly matches in my opinion. 🤷‍♂️


The underbelly of the IF version seems a bit more beige.
Not to mention it’s a -200…


l really like 757-200 and there are not so many 757-200 in China. Most of them have retired. It is a bad piece of news so l hope that infinite flight can help me see beautiful 757-200 again. By the way,Xiamen Air 752 is so beautiful and l hope l can have a flight with it before retirement.


Also, add some older liveries (Zoom, My Travel, Jet2/Jet2 holidays) and also Thomas cook/condor. ACTUAL TURBINE BLADES in engines!! And obviously the new cockpit.


The flight physics and cockpit could certainly use improvement. You have my vote!


that is suppose to be there


I know they are suppose to be there. I was responding to the comment I made just prior to the one you quoted. I stated that their should be nav lights.


This would be beautiful, especially now that United put split wingtips on some of theirs. 757-300 is easily my favorite narrow body and needs to be a thing.


I agree the 57 does need it. But so does the great 767! If they reworked them I’d fly the wings of em.
Also the addition of a few others would be amazing and make sense. ie: 727, 737-200…

And uh… wing flex on the 47s…

If we have the 787, what happened to the A350?


No body confirmed this


We will just have to wait and see what comes next. Do not speculate anymore. Thanks!


We need the Aerlingus 757-200 😉


I just checked the release date and it is old

Also we need to add the Iceland air 80 years of aviation livery although I couldn’t get the picture to load


Considering the possibility that they could not rework this aircraft at the moment, they could then make some repairs to it, as they are doing on the A330 so that we can fly into it again until the rework is done.


Totally agree. The 757 has enough liveries, looks accurate enough, but is so hard to fly. A simple fix of the physics with this bird would satisfy me.