Boeing 757 Rework

O I already did lol

Yeah it looks like Britainia

I’ll be happy with the update knowing the developers put a lot of work into it. That being said I’m hoping on the 757 and 767 rework, with multiple liveries and hoping not to have some of those existing liveries removed. now to play the waiting game.

Yea same here. I’m hoping they keep the NWA & US Air livery


I hope and pray the Jet2 original livery (G-LSAB) is added aswell as the holiday livery, it’s just an amazing aircraft

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I really hope this one comes, as it’s still used nowadays !
This area deserves more attention.

Already 20 votes :p


Flying to/from this archipelago is amazing, trust me.


Hope to also have the TWA 757 in the final livery; I’ve linked my feature request for it here. Please check it out and consider voting for it! :)


Isn’t the “stock” jet engine sound on IF (apart from the 777) from a 757? Or which aircraft is it?

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They’re from the 737.

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I think it’s from the 767, I think a dev said it somewhere

They are indeed from the 737.

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well then idk

way to throw Philippe under the bus. lol

I’m happy that the thread finally reached 30 votes ! 🇨🇻🇨🇻🇨🇻
Hopefully it gets added ASAP in order to open many routes, to Brazil , Portugal and others !!

Cabo Verde thread

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People unironically wants this lol


I hope we get TWA added!


I hope one of those Chinese airlines can make its way to the sim!


Im glad the fuel burn will be fixed and we will fly this in 6-9 hour flights


We’ll finally see this beauty

Where is that confirmed?