Boeing 757 Rework

hmm, do not flag me on this but the only big operators of the 757 is United and Delta
and they said they will be retiring them by 2023-2024
I would of gone with the 787, but still! Can’t wait :D

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Well depends how you define “big”

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operators that have a decent amount of aircraft

Well how do you define decent

They will not make it into 20.3

Here is what Tyler Shelton said

“Yes, those two will be gone since UPS and FedEx don’t operate passenger services.

Like most variants in a particular family, the -200 and -200F have quite a few notable differences. The obvious being a lack of windows, cargo bay, and cargo door, however many freight operators like FedEx have refreshed their flight deck and even moved the main entry door from it’s original location. This would result in a considerable amount of additional development and in some ways a new model itself.

We know the freighter is an important variant, especially in today’s application of the B757. This may come at a later date!”


Ah ok, I didn’t see that, did he say that in the 20.3 tracking thread?

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No it was in another topic

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I’m far from being a big fan of 757, but I’m passionate about IBERIA, and this classic painting cannot be left out in the rework


will i did


Would love to see this aircraft in the beautiful Blue Dart Aviation livery



I agree that the Aurora livery should be added! (thats insane)

There are a bit of liveries in this America :/

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Give Brazil some love!



Since I’m hoping for more Belgian Airline liveries in the future, I think this would be a great place to start adding some.

Air Belgium had this 757-23A from 1989 until 1995, registered OO-ILI.

I also went ahead and made a feature request for it. You don’t have to vote for it if you don’t want to but you can check it out ;) .


This livery is needed as well !!! 🏝🇨🇻

Shot in Fortaleza, Brazil 🇧🇷


Shot in Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹


You can support the thread here by the way :p


Around 40 or more aircraft

Thanks for coming to my country!


I really hope they can add the -300 and freighter, like the 777 family, obviously they’re not gonna be on the same update, but I really hope 😭