Boeing 757 Rework


I think the pencil jet (753) should come with a rework of the 752.


I’m sure it would as the CRJ received all variants.


;) I think you’ll like this. The CRJ rework also included the other variants, but those are separate features.


I voted for that already


Oh lol. Truly is a penciljet.


Do you think their will be a 757 rework in 18.7 or 18.8 update?


Doubt it. I really wish, but an A330 rework would likely come first. Who knows what IF LLC will do, though?


Well it will be 19 soon ! So no more 18 updates after this coming update.


Hopefully I’m hoping we get some major reworks on the 757 767 A330 this upcoming year



I think we are in dire need for a A330 Rework (Most voted), and the 757 Rework
(Possibly end of 2019, hopefully).


Yes, this aircraft rework is what I’m hoping for most of all, it;s my favorite aircraft, that’s slowly leaving the aviation world.


I hope we get this in 2019. This aircraft is in a dire need of a rework, as @TheInitialVirus said in his IFN opinion article. This marvelous beast would be my daily after a rework.


This plane would be killer after a full rework. It’s had my support for a while, but with all the potential such as live cockpits and possibly truck tilt, it could be really amazing.


Yeah, I like to say the 757 needs an “overhaul” than “rework”. One day, we will see the true pencil on IF😍


Could you give the link to the article about the 757 on IF?


Here you go!
Nice read.


Imagine the curved winglets of the 757 in game! (Almost like split scimitars, except there would be no bottom wingtip.) 😍😍😁☺️😊 (Credit link is the image itself.)


I think those are called Single Scimitar winglets. :)


Well close enough. 🤷‍♂️