Boeing 757 Rework

I was kind of hoping for the A330 but I’m still thrilled that we’re getting what can only be described as a sexy piece of machinery. I don’t know why there’s so much conflict between both sets of voters. Look on the bright side we may well have a brand new rework in just 2 months time and there’s no denying this aircraft was in dire need of a rework. I just hope we get that 330 just a little while after the following 757 updates.


Well obvi updated both but like keeping them is the point


EDIT: i just noticed that the background was photoshopped lol


(cheap air flights)
Can’t wait for the gear tilt, realistic sounds, physics that are real, wingflex, and of course flying this livery around!

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I like the Glacier one a little more

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FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting so long for the 757 rework

That’s a beauty too, but I prefer Aurora :)

huh @InfiniteFlight_Shots

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Lol nvm hahaha

Too bad alligent retired those

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I’m curious to know how the strobe lights would look like 👀


Me too I hope it’s added

Yesss!!! Can’t wait to hear the RB211s scream in a few months time!

Thank you Infinite Flight Developers. Thank you so much!

They never said whether or not there would be new engine sounds.

Which airline is that ? I forgot :x

US Airways

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So guys, we are not sure if the 757 rework is going to have updated engine sounds. The IF team on instagram did say they will touch on this topic later down the road. However, this reminds me of the amazing engine sounds this plane has and hopefully they will add them to this plane! I’m not here to speculate, however I am here to share with you all my favorite 757 moment IRL. This is the best engine sounds of the 757 I have and I would love if they added this!

Here is my video of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 blasting out of Buffalo (KBUF) in September this year. Earbuds for the best experience

I hope you all enjoy this clip!


WE FINALLY DID IT!!! We got what we wanted!


All 1119 of us!

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I hope that in this much awaited rework the Devs do not see the need to exclude the paintings of the Alliances from the fleet.