Boeing 757 Rework

Fedex it is baby

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I am so angry now

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Plz I actually beg IF developers 🥺 Aer Lingus doesn’t have the A330, 757, RJ85, ATR72 or ATR42 in Infinite Flight we need this! And our only transatlantic aircraft in IF is the A350 which Aer Lingus doesn’t even have so it would be a fabulous addition to the Aer Lingus Trans-Atlantic routes which they used to fly! ☘️❤️🇮🇪✈️7️⃣5️⃣7️⃣


Man o man cant wait for American 757

Yes Please


Vote for this beauty if you want and have a spare vote (well, you can already remove your votes for this…

Why homie?

Y’all have no idea how hyped I am for this. Looks like I’m definitely renewing my subscription now!

We need to keep the old American though. And add new retros like TWA and America West 👏🏼

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In a PM

@anon74260613 1 day ago: I won’t renew my sub for another year

@anon74260613 now: Renew


Well I said that if I didn’t like the new rework lol
Plus I’d probably start off with a month but now it’ll most likely be a year

vote for this beauty aswell

Thought the A330 it was going to be

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DHL 757 With Winglets


Sadly for you but no, lol 😂😂
Cheers Josh

YESSS FINALLY!!! Can’t wait!

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And the United Star Alliance. And the United continental

Buckle up your seatbelts guys, this is coming our way soon!


Id rather have a 757 rather than a Smaller A340, Mixed with a A320 cocpit tbh

The power of the “Rocket of Seattle”!!!

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