Boeing 757 Rework


I think the 757-200M version should be a must have what do you think?
It’s definitely something common.


Sorry don’t speak German. Could you change the link to English?


Changed the link to the english Wikipedia.


Thanks! Much better!😁



Photo Link

Iceland Air


this rework would be a great addition! The 757 is such an icon and its a shame the 757 in IF is so outdated and inaccurate.


FDS has mentioned that all the aircraft will updated but hopefully the 757 will be first.


A-10 will be first aircraft to be reworked. However, I hope 757 will be reworked soon as it is difficult to taxi.


Yes would love to fly a FedEx 757


This is a plane I fly so much I would love for it to be reworked


Hekla Aurora is a beautiful livery. It would be awesome if it was incorporated in to the game!


Kinda hard to see but this delta Skyteam 757 looks really good


Lets not let the iconic aircraft sit around in cobwebs, this may be the most deserving aircraft for a rework in IF!


Everyone has a different opinion on what aircraft should be reworked next. We will get reworks on every plane, but it definitely needs time for that.


That does looos good. 😃


Bumping this because this needs to happen at some time.


Indeed it does. The cockpits are sickening to look at on this and the 767.


THey just need to make a 757-200F. and the cockpit and cargo doors need to work


Remember, this is a B757 rework request and not a B767 request:)


This is desperately needed… Praying for it in the next update… #bump

Edit: I mean the next next update not this coming update :P