Boeing 757 Rework


We reached 200! I wish to see the 753 with a possible 757 overhaul!


No the a340 does the same thing


We need more votes!!


The bowling livery has always been one of my favorites of all time and it looks great on the 757!


Definitely needs a rework. Hopefully we can see the FedEx livery on it!!


Hope to see TF-FIR added


Still got my vote on this! Hope that this comes after the TBM930 😀


Dude. A340 doesn’t fly nose down. It flies like the A380…


Really the 752 A333 and 763 need reworks
The 752 and 763 wing detail is garbage and 752 is a pain to taxi and looks like -4000FPM when going -1800FPM the Phyiscs needs a lot of work.The 752 actaully looks different in IF compared to irl that’s a first for me
A333 should have some sick features cause it’s an amazing aircraft and huge step forward In the Airbus and long haul industry


We all do! Absolutely the most beautiful livery along with Hekla Aurora


When I fly it it flys nose down. Even when it’s heavy or light


The 757 also has this present when in descent as a simple command of -1000fpm looks like the plane is divebombing towards the ground. The 757 IRL is a really stable plane and I agree that it is in desperate need of a rework.


I will support this since I want it to have a cabin.

If you have seen other rework threads, then you should know that the cabin view is my favorite feature in Infinite Flight! :)


Maybe the B757 could be one of the first aircraft with advanced sounds. If you’re flying with a B757 irl, you will notice how loud the aircraft is in comparison to other types, for example the A321-100/200.


I just flew the A340 in today. It has a nose down flight. Why not go and fly it and see?


Voted! The 757 will always be an icon of the skies even decades after the last one retires.


What altitude where you cruising at?


What altitude are you cruising?


I’ve flown it at every altitude. This isnt a matter of altitude as every model keeps the same pitch at cruise no matter what altitude. There is no debate with this.


I agreed I have the same problem