Boeing 757 Rework


Just imagine when the 757 wing becomes more detailed…I can not wait to see this bird redone! If it’s anything like the CRJ then we are in for quite a treat!!!


Military Aircraft are not really my specialty…


I’d prefer this over an A330 rework.


At least the a330 is manageable and does not cruise negative pitch. On the descent, the a330 looks like a normal descending plane, while the 757 looks like it’s descending at -4000 fpm, while it’s only descending at -1800 fpm in reality. I feel like the a330 can wait…


It really can wait the 757 is in need of a Physics update badly.


Hopefullly the next rework would include better lighting for the aircraft


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an A321 or 739 being able to fly from Atlanta to Europe. Trust me, they’re here to stay.


And maybe get rid of the allegiant livery since they retired this aircraft


Nothing wrong with an old livery. Northwest doesn’t exist any more and they have plenty of planes in IF, including new ones


True, but soon something will replace them as they are very old (797, A321LR…)


You do realize that Boeing hasn’t even initiated a 797 program, so it’ll be about 10 years


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Hey FDS?! where have u been, we desperately need a rework for the 757 more than any other plane in IF!


Ahahahaha I am, but i can dream.


I can’t wait for them to rework the 757


I support this! And on this rework FDS should correct the strobe lights because first they blink two times instead of one ( blinking two times is a feature for Airbus planes) and they are misplaced bellow I will show a photo of where they should be:

Instead of the standard position:


The whole dynamics and physics is all messed up. Much needed rework


Physics are screwed up. Modeling is screwed up. Fuel burn is screwed up. The A320 series was fine as-is, this is the aircraft the needs a rework!


This is the only aircraft that flies nose down in cruise no matter the weight so it would make sense if they update this now.


I think that the 752 rework and possible 753 should be bundled with the 767 because they were released around the same release date and are extremely similar, not to mention the cockpit window separator between the second and third window… look at it!