Boeing 757 Rework


Nose down cruise must be fixed:)


Dont forget the cockpit as well :)


I hope that they retained the current cockpit woth updated graphics, i dont want to see the full glass cockpit on older planes


if they add delta sky team ill be happy


A 757 can do an approach in very slow speed, does it sounds unusual? 🤔 You get my vote.
(Of course also add more liveries and rework the cockpit 🤪)


I REALLY want this rework, 757 is one of my favorite aircraft!


I would also love the -300 variant as well that would be nice


Trying to land this plane is such a pain… you have to land on all wheels because it can’t flare without climbing…

It really needs a new model and physics given that it is my favorite plane and it just sucks now.


The B757 is a brilliant aircraft. it is so sad that we have b757 with such a bad flight model in the game . This is one of many reasons why i do not fly this aircraft in this game anymore. it’s just unbearble.


It’s not too terrible if you do short hops with EVERYTHING maxed out. You can actually flare it, and approach at a reasonable (140 kts) speed.


FDS has made it clear that this will happen one day!


I would enjoy the 757 rework it is such a cool plane


They better do it fast before all 75 retire!!


The 757s are not going anywhere for the time being. They have quite a niche in terms of performance


Oh they are, dropping like flies and being replaced by the likes of the A321 and 737-900


They need to rework this immediately! If they do, I hope they add the scimitar winglets and the new Icelandair special livery (found on TF-ISX).


The day that a rework comes for this is the day that my life is finally complete.


Not by US carriers, they’re still there, having outlived the 747 by a long while. Nobody has any idea how much longer they’ll still be in service, but I think until the mystical 797 comes out.


They’re not going anywhere in the niche they’ve found on high and hot routes, as well as secondary routes trans Atlantic.


Bowling Anyone?

(Beautiful Livery! Please Add to game!)