Boeing 757 Rework

Anyway…this is ridiculous…no point complaining…we know it will come one day…maybe not now but it obviously will…and you all know that…

so…go outside come back a year and you never know…


Well they do. But based on the poll where majority voted 777 and the 757 came like 7th then yes. These votes mean nothing.

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Just a quick reminder, this is the 757 Rework Thread. Not a What the developers should add next, and shouldn’t add next Thread.


The 737 is in a much better state than the 757 in IF, which is why it is flown more. If the 757 was reworked, it would surely be a popular aircraft. It is versatile, has had or has many operators, and is the fourth most requested aircraft.


We need GA, because that gives an incentive for people to use Infinite Flight along with ForeFlight to plan GA flights which gives IF a lot of new users. It’s good for business and current users

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We know the 777 won. We know it’s getting reworked. After coming to terms with it, I’m excited.

We know the A359 is coming. I’m hyped!

I don’t know why everyone is stuck on those two things when we’re talking about the 757 Rework.

Yes, we know development takes a long time. This thread is serving the purpose of saying “When the time becomes available, we’d like the 757 to be reworked!”

It’s not yelling at the devs that we need the rework to start this instant.

Anyone here knows that the 757 needs to be reworked. I don’t care if you want it to be or not, you know that it eventually needs to be.

The devs have said that every older model will receive its rework eventually. We’re seeing that with the 777. We want to see that with the 757 sooner rather than later!

Now folks…

Let’s all take a chill pill, and hope that the 757 gets reworked soon! Who knows when that is, maybe after the 777 Rework. Maybe not. Anyhow, we just hope it’s soon.



The poll says otherwise. 🤷‍♀️

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Your point is massively invalid.


According to your statement, the A330 shouldn’t get reworked because it was made a while ago.

Your statements are thoroughly bamboozling.


Think about it. Was the CRJ popular before it got a rework?


I remember laura saying she herself was annoyed with some aspects of the aircraft thus decided to give it a small rework 🤷‍♀️


Fun fact, only 420 voted for the 777 and that feature request is 2 years old meaning that the 757 definitely has more active people since it has gotten over 200 votes in the past 3 months, your statements are thoroughly bamboozling like Will said.


again, not talking about other aircraft. take it to PM if youre getting this worked up over a rework.


Think about it this way - if Laura was annoyed with the 333, don’t you think she might be annoyed with the 757?

I don’t know what annoys Laura. But perhaps it’ll get reworked sooner rather than later because it’s more broken than some other flight models?


If I’m not mistaken, it was reworked because @FBWFTW sent her a video of the ‘wonky’ physics.


What does that have to do with your statement on votes. If that is true, any featured request made over a year ago shouldn’t happen. Which means votes mean nothing… which means feature requests mean nothing…


@TheDeltaFlyerr Your statements are “Bamboozling”. Read again

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I’m sure half the people who voted for the 777 had never flown the 757 and were not aware of the condition it was in.

Let’s talk about the 757 only, please


Lets all get back on topic, please :)

Schyllburg has already said he might close the topic.

Because of all the flags of posts not relating to the 757


But if we continue like this more replies will be flagged…

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