Boeing 757 Rework


The 757 is such a beautiful aircraft. It’s also my favorite aircraft to fly in Infinite Flight at the moment! The aircraft does need a new cockpit and some new physics though. And maybe like 4 more liveries can be added? It would be a small rework, and it doesn’t have to be done anytime soon, because I know the devs have lots to work on right now. But it should be considered. Also, maybe the 757-300 can be added in! For example, a BEAUTIFUL EC-Air 757-200!

Boeing 757 rework
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We have that already…but with other type of engine. Althought the colours are like a little pale in the game, they just need a rework.


We actually don’t. The United livery that we have on the 757-200 is different. See how it’s gray in the picture I posted? The one in Infinite Flight is gray instead. [quote=“FlyFi, post:1, topic:43688”]
I like the beige, but it’s kind of a bother when I fly with it

I’ll just change this to a 757 Rework Request.


Now that’s better, we really need that plane reworked!


I have seen this happen now. Time to get my trusty 757 mustache trimmed. If there were a rework for it I would have to spend all day trimming the mustache of it.

#All Mustaches to you sir


This is the plane in IF I would most like to see reworked, good request :)


JESUS! There are so many beautiful liveries for the 757! I’m going through this list right now, and I’m really blown away…

Check out the LA Compagnie 752!


I have been trying to ace landings and takeoffs in a 757. I really want this to be reworked.


Flare at 50ft. Though I suspect a new 757 would have that altitude lowered.


The background makes it look cool


One of the best things about the current 757 is the gear. One of the best alongside 777.


I just want to bring up this topic again. The 757 is the first plane I have purchased in IF all the way back a few years ago. It would be incredibly appreciated if the devs could rework it. It is a beautiful aircraft and is very fun to fly. The cockpit should also be reworked, the only thing animated is the yoke. Thanks flying dev studio keep up the good work!


I agree with this topic a major physics update is needed especially the tilted flying


@Neal_Jha well lucky you did, this was close to being closed by @system

anyway i agree with @FlyFi the 757 certainly needs a rework. It’s just, ya know, kinda old and a bit boring to fly



I find the 757 the right size plane for me, along with the 767 and 787. It does need an update and a tad brighter colours. I agree with you guys. A truly beautiful plane.


Hommie 757 says that a more important hommie needs a rework along side him. the CRJ hommie.
But hommie 757 needs a serious rework.


Flew the 757-200 today in Hawaii. Really nice plane. Rework would be great, especially if this was added:


Yeah we need 757 rework, it’s one of my favorite.


The 757 is not my favorite but I still like it, Great livery though


This Plane I would love to see get new design graphics in the game same to the 767