Boeing 757 Pratt & Whitney Sound Pack

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Although it shouldn’t be prioritized at the moment (cough cough A330, clouds and buildings), I think this would bring a bunch more realism to the PW-powered 757s. I understand this was not added in the initial release to release the 757 rework faster, but now it’s been more than 3 months and I feel like the team should begin thinking about adding it

i dont have any votes but i am supporting this 100%

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Hey. That’s great one. I hope they want to add this one ;)

Yes I hope we get every engine a separate sound like the GE 90 and PW on the 777 as well as the Rolls Royce and Paw on the 757 and I hope we get both engines and both engine sounds on the 330

Those engines sound beautiful. I would love to have them in game.

Unpopular opinion; the PWs sound way better than RB211s. This has my full support.


Same way. Those PWs had the sound of my childhood


I’d vote if I had one! Way better engine than RR by sound and looks. I mean that whole configure is the best 757, also that without winglets. The original, the way a 757 is supposed to be.


RR and PW sound pretty indent I also to me, but individual sound packs would definitely be a step up.

757 should always be P&W

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