Boeing 757 Information Manual

The Infinite Flight Community - Boeing 757 Information Manual

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Welcome to The Infinite Flight Community Boeing 757 Information Manual! This manual is aimed to show off every aspect of our brand new Boeing 757 aircraft and will make you ready for your first flight in no time! Let us begin, shall we?

Table of Contents

Livery Selection
Aircraft Specifications
Route Database
Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes
Taking off & Landing
The Cockpit Explained
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Livery Selection

Before you even spawn in, you’ll want to pick your livery and learn about your aircraft. Between the 27 liveries, we cover 16 countries, so you have quite a wide variety!

Airline Engine Winglet Country HUB
Aer Lingus PW2000 BL Ireland EIDW
Air Astana RB211 BL Kazakhstan UAAA
Air Baltic RB211 BL Latvia EVRA
Air China RB211 No People’s Republic of China ZBAA
America West RB211 No United States of America KPHX
American Airlines - 1968 RB211 BL United States of America KDFW
American Airlines - 2013 RB211 BL United States of America KDFW
British Airways RB211 No United Kingdom EGLL
Cabo Verde RB211 BL Cabo Verde GVAC
China Southern RB211 No People’s Republic of China ZGGG
Delta Air Lines PW2000 BL United States of America KATL
EC Air RB211 BL Republic of the Congo FCBB
Generic RB211 BL Not Specified N/A
Ghana International Airlines RB211 No Republic of Ghana DGAA
Guyana Airways RB211 No Guyana SYCJ
Icelandair RB211 SC Iceland BIKF
Infinite Flight RB211 SC United States of America N/A
Jet2 RB211 BL United Kingdom EGNM
La Compagnie RB211 BL France LFPO
Ladeco PW2000 No Chile SCEL
LAPA PW2000 No Argentina SABE
Monarch RB211 No United Kingdom EGGW
Royal Nepal Airlines RB211 No Nepal VNKT
Sunday Airlines RB211 No Kazakhstan UAAA
TUI RB211 BL United Kingdom EGGW
United Airlines RB211 SC United States of America KORD
US Air Force PW2000 BL United States of America KADW
Uzbekistan Airways PW2000 No Uzbekistan UTTT

Acronym Meanings:

  • BL = Blended Winglet
  • SC = Scimitar Winglet
  • RB211 = Rolls-Royce RB211-535E Engine
  • PW2000 = Pratt & Whitney PW2037 Engine

Aircraft Specifications

Flight Crew 2
Length 47.3m / 124ft
Wingspan 38.05m / 124ft 10in
Tail Height 13.56m / 44ft 6in
Empty Weight 59,150kg / 130,403 lbs
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 115,660kg / 254,987 lbs
Cruising Speed Mach 0.80 (850 km/h / 458 knts) @ 10,660m / 35,000ft
Maximum Cruising Speed Mach 0.86 (913 km/h / 493 knts) @ 10,660m / 35,000ft
Maximum Range 7,600km / 4,100nm
Service Ceiling 12,800m / 42,000ft
Passenger Capacity 239
Fuel Capacity 34,912kg / 76,968 lbs

The Boeing 757 Route Database

So you have chosen your livery for your flight. If you’re having trouble selecting a route, see the Boeing 757 Route Database created by @CPT_Colorado

Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes

So the flight is picked, the livery selected… But how do we do flight planning?! With @AndrewWu’s new topic - we can calculate everything that we’ll need to know!

Read @AndrewWu’s Topic - ‘Your Guide to Fuel Burn and Cruising Altitudes in the new 757’:

Taking off & Landing

Taking off and landing is going to be tricky for your first couple of flights - this is because the 757 physics are spot on to real life’s. Don’t worry though, @DeerCrusher was kind enough to make us a tutorial on how to takeoff and land effectively in the Infinite Flight 757. He even made us a Boeing 757 Quick Reference Guide (down below)!

Read @DeerCrusher’s Topic - ‘Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles’:

@DeerCrusher’s Boeing 757 - Quick Reference Guide:


📥 Boeing 757 Quick Reference Guide


Curious as to what display is in the cockpit? Look no further! @Brandon_K has provided us all with a very detailed topic explaining each display unit and its function!

Read @Brandon_K’s Topic - ‘The New B752 Cockpit: Explained’:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Boeing 757-300 included in the 20.3 update?

Only the Boeing 757-200 Passenger variant is included in the 20.3 update.

Why did some liveries go away in the 20.3 update?

If I find an issue, how may I report it?

If you find an issue, you can report it by making a #support topic and thoroughly explaining the issue.

Please note that most issues have already been found and reported during both our opened and closed beta programs during the 20.3 update beta.

Why does the cockpit only have one model? Will this change in the future?

The cockpit only has the full glass screen interior right now (rather than the full glass and steam gauges). This was to save time in the development phase and was to quickly get the product in to your hands!

As stated by @MishaCamp (Staff Member at Infinite Flight), even though steam gauges aren’t in the 20.3 update, the Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team may add them into the simulator in the future

I really like this update... Now what?

Awesome! Glad you’re loving the update! The Infinite Flight Staff Team does a fantastic job and loves hearing your opinions and comments on their app! Here’s what you should do to show your appreciation for the 20.3 update:

  1. Please be sure to leave a good review for Infinite Flight on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. These reviews help others discover Infinite Flight, and help the developers push out more quality updates just like 20.3!

Apple Store Link:
‎Infinite Flight Simulator on the App Store

Google Play Store Link:

  1. Go onto the 20.3 Thread and tell the staff and development team how great of an update it was (let them know that you left a positive review on the Apple/Google Play Store - it makes them happy)

  2. Take some awesome pictures of the new Boeing 757 and post your best in a #screenshots-and-videos topic!

  3. Continue to fly and love this update!


Contributors: @Balloonchaser @DeerCrusher @Brandon_K @Ryan @CPT_Colorado @AndrewWu
Community Manager: @MishaCamp

Enjoy The 20.3 Update!


Great guide! I’ll be posting my 757 fuel burn/cruising altitude guide this afternoon which will hopefully complement this well.


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Added @AndrewWu’s Boeing 757 - Fuel Burn Tutorial onto this topic! Great work Andrew!


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What would a an aircraft be without a little bit of chrome? Livery is being streamed to your devices and will be available with a simple app restart


Amazing booklet on the 757. This will come in handy. Il download it as a PDF and have it handy so I can study it, if and when I forget the basics of flying this beautiful airliner. Happy XMAS guys/girls

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Nicely done. This is now bookmarked for me. Thanks for the little info guide. The only thing I would disagree with is which engine should be used for single-engine taxi (I think it should be reversed) but that’s purely an opinion. Reason being when you pull into the gate, ramp agents can start opening cargo doors on the right side of the aircraft with engine #2 already shut down.

Anyways, great tutorial!

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