Boeing 757 Hole In The Lavatory

I recently flew the reworked 757, and found out that while entering the lavatory with the interior drone cam, the part where the fuselage wall attaches to the toilet has a big hole in it. The same also happens when going through the edge of the cockpit door and looking into the galley.
Can anyone explain why this happened?

It’s a small issue that doesn’t need to be fixed immediately. There’s also no need to report every single aircraft issue in the #support category. Chances are that it’s already noted internally, and this is not the purpose of the category.


Well yes, but there’s no topic about this in the IFC and it’s good to let others know.


This is not a bug, but rather due to the fact that the insides of the toilet weren’t modeled, probably to save up on polygons, as in flight simulators people usually tend to use the cockpit more. This is just how the 3D models work - they could either make an object that would go inside the toilet walls, also known as the toilet interior, or they could just model the outside walls for the interior of the aircraft to look nice, and as there are no windows into the toilet and the door is closed, it is only logical to save up on polygons and go with the first variant, which means that if you run into it with the interior cam, you will be disappointed to find that you’ll have to hold it at least until the buildings are released. As for the edge of the cockpit door - it’s the same thing: there is nothing between the models of the cockpit door from the interior side and from the cockpit side, so as textures aren’t showh on the outside of the model, you’ll be able to see right through


This is a known issue and has been reported internally. It was most likely done for performance reasons. It might be fixed in the future.

Don’t toilets (oh im sorry its called a lavatory) have holes in them…I swear when I last looked in a toilet it has a hole in the bottom for dat waste :)


I’m sorry I know you’re asking a serious question, but

…there’s a hole in the lavatory just cracks me up to the floor right now :D

well I guess it’s the new no flush system.

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