Boeing 757 Freighter

Boeing 757 Freighter


Hello IFC! Today I am requesting the Boeing 757 Freighter. As you all probably know, although we got a wonderful 757 rework recently, it did come at the cost of only the 757 passenger variant being reworked, and the cargo variant being removed from Infinite Flight. The 757 freighter is a wonderful aircraft that is used by many cargo operators around the world to transport all kinds of cargo, and is currently the dominant variant that is in active service across the globe. It offers unique capabilities of being a mid-sized cargo aircraft, one of the only ones of its class, and the toughness of the 757 allows these aircraft fly to almost any airport on every continent, including Antarctica! As more passenger 757s get retired and get converted to freighters, it only makes sense for this aircraft to be added to Infinite Flight. It certainly would be a great aircraft to fly, and give more cargo options for avid cargo flyers in the sim.



Length : 155 feet, 3 inches (47.3 m)
Wingspan : 124 feet, 10 inches (38 m)
Tail Height : 44 feet, 6 inches (13.6 m)



Current operators

• Fedex
• SF Airlines
• Cargojet
• China Postal Airlines
• Blue Dart Aviation
• Asia Pacific Airlines
• YTO Cargo Airlines
• Air China Cargo
• Cygnus Air
• ASL Airlines
• Aviastar
• Iceland Air Cargo
• Olympus Airways
• Swiftair
• China Air Cargo
• E-Cargo
• Pacific Air Express
• Raya Airways
• Air Transport International

Links to Livery Requests

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Fedex 757-200F - #12 by Niccckk

SwiftAir Boeing 757-200F

TNT Airways 757(S)F

Cygnus Air 757-200SF

Fun Fact

Did you know that Boeing only made 80 OEM 757 freighters? Most 757 freighters are passenger variants that are converted to freighters by conversion companies such as PEMCO World Air Services, Precision Aircraft Solutions, and ST Aerospace. Here’s a video that shows the conversion process.

If you have voted for a 757F livery, make sure to also leave a vote for this topic!

More Information


Main picture: VT-BDN | Boeing 757-25C(PCF) | Blue Dart Aviation | Vedant Agarwal | JetPhotos

Specification Infographics:

Conversion Information: Who’s who in freighter conversions: Part IV | Cargo Facts

They should of kept the DHL 757 livery


I miss the DHL livery but it wouldn’t have made a lot of sense as the cargo variant was being removed


Yep Well they said they were doing a rework on the 757 I hope they kept their DHL livery then I would fly the plane


If you think about it, all they would need to do is add cargo door animations along with liveries cause the physics would be the same as the 752


@Alina_Bridges – There was never a Boeing 757-200 cargo variant in-game. It was simply one aircraft with a range of liveries, some of which are only seen on the real-world’s freighter variant. They decided to rework the Boeing 757-200 passenger variant. Therefore, it would not have made sense to keep the DHL or FedEx livery, as those are only found on the cargo variant. The cargo variant may come at a later date, as stated by Infinite Flight Staff Member Tyler Shelton.

@IFaviationeldin – The development of the Boeing 757-200F would require “a considerable amount of additional development and in some ways a new model itself.” It would not be as simple as one might think.

See Tyler’s Comment on this Below:


I have to admit one of my biggest disappointments with IF has been when I found out they were not doing the 757F variant. Especially with cargo being as crucial as it is today, I feel like it’s so severely overlooked in the game. I love flying cargo but I also only enjoy flying the new reworked planes. That basically leaves the 777F as the only cargo variant available with the standard we expect from today’s aircrafts. Hopefully they decide to listen to those of us that care about hauling boxes around and not just people. A 757F and a reworked cockpit for the MD-11F would be heaven sent and that’s without even getting into the 767F, A300’s and the 747F.


Yeah we really need another reworked cargo a/c badly. Make sure to vote for this so we have a higher chance of getting the a/c!

don’t forget THE DHL LIVERY!!!


Would be a must if this a/c is made. Maybe someone can make a livery feature request for the DHL 757F


Well you know as good as me what that means…


Plus a reworked A330F, which I’m sure is already on the way

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A 757 freighter would be an absolute dream come true, we don’t have a single narrowbody freighter, the gap between the C208 and A330F is honestly pathetic


Make sure to vote!

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This would be a very important and welcome addition to the cargo fleet! Hopefully the IF team seriously considers this in the near future.


UGH i want this so bad. Especially the UPS/FEDEX/ATI/DHL liveries.


I’ll second that! Absolute shame cargo isn’t paid much attention. Pretty much the only operation that got the world through 2020…(Covid) but hey… 😂


Even just a half-done 757F would make me more than ecstatic in the short term… just remove the Cabin fixtures, and apply a texture over the cabin windows (like the C208).
Rollers and a large cargo door would be nice, but even just a non-animated door texture would be fine in the short term. Especially considering that we don’t have a single narrow body freighter.
(Covid Preighter Style)
Plus it might be a little easier on frames as there isn’t a cabin that has to be rendered.


Still waiting :whistles to self:


Really miss the old (and newer) cargo liveries on the 757. Hopefully we can fly those yellow and red pencils again in the nearby future :`)