Boeing 757-300

It isn’t sure. Because Transavia has Boeing 757-300 received 2 fleets only a month quickly, they went to into to during passengers more seats for the travel a few for other countries only in Europe.

I found on the internet that googles information is also on the list on Wikipedia, too.


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I mean it’s still considered a heavy widebody aircraft. I’m sure it still has airport restrictions to the destinations the 757-300 might serve. It’s possible that’s the competitor for the 767.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-300

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Thats a looong sosiege…

Voted! I think we’ll be waiting for several years tho….

As much as I don’t want to believe what I think will happen with this aircraft, I will still verbally address it. I will begin with saying this… The fact that the 757-300 isn’t already in the game is almost ridiculous. I mean, if there’s going to be a 757 rework, I don’t see how adding its longer variant would be an issue. After all there are FOUR definitive and distinctly reworked variants of the 777. Which is interestingly interesting. At times I really try to understand the thought processes behind the decision making with the people who run this game, and whoever else. ANYWAY, I shall proceed with the point and kill the rant. Firstly, I would love to see the 753 in the game, but I really have my doubts that we’ll ever see it altogether. I’ll try to make this make sense. Let’s just try to picture the algorithm here. Nowadays, IF will develop an aircraft, particularly a more detailed and realistic one for that matter. I’ll exhibit the 777 in this case. The very first 777 to be reworked was none other than the -200ER. For reference, this was now at this point, over 2 years ago. Evidently it was a huge success for both parties (the creator, and the consumer). Having said that, let’s fast forward a few months from this point in time, about 4-5 to be exact. Now suddenly there’s 3 more revised 777’s that dutifully accompany the -200ER in IF fleet service. Although this was expected of the 777, I’m not seeing the same appreciation for the 757. Normally the second variant of an aircraft will be reworked directly after the base variant is released. But it’s been a solid two years now since the rework for the 757 hit the system. Consider it so with the A350 as well. Infinite Flight by unanimous decision, cancelled the -1000XWB, which is the big brother to the -900. This too is a stumping move. Again, I would love to see the 757-300, but the devs have an order of operation that is far too predictable. This includes releasing all potential or intended aircraft variants in the approximate vicinity of time that the base variant was released. Basically what I’m saying is, if the devs wanted the 753 in the game, I believe they would’ve done it roughly a year and a half ago. However, hope will not be lost. In the case of the 757-300 being added though, I think we’ll be waiting years.


In my opinion, a 757 freighter should come before the -300. But both are desperately needed among other things.

As in a distinct release for the 757F? Or do you mean an addition of various freight liveries? Because I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that there are already a one or two freight liveries already instated for the 757.

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When Infinite Flight reworked the 757, those liveries were gotten rid of as they said they were only reworking one type. They said a 757F would be coming soon but there has been no word since.


Yes, please.

Ha, classic Infinte Flight. “Soon” is their favorite word. Considering it’s been 2 years since the 757 rework, I’m not sure that I even understand what “soon” means anymore, especially on infinite flight terms. I wish they would botch the “soon” bulljive and give us at least an approximate release date, so that way it won’t seem like we’re waiting in vain. Regardless though, I would love to see a 757F as you’ve mentioned.

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Reworking aircraft is huge task. You need a team who make Model. Then textures. Then OPTIMIZE that model for old phones. Then Alpha test. Then Beta. Final minor works (liveries) and aircraft done. Its not a day/week/month work. ITS HUGE WORK.
So let’s RESPECT devs.