Boeing 757-300

Could see this in a 752 rework for sure.


The pencil jet looks good in the livery


Nope 😂😂 the Concorde already is entitled to that in my opinion 😂😂

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The Boeing 757-300 would look great on IF I would love to see it added soon

Is there a post for it

No there’s not

Will the Boeing 757-300 also be coming to IF. In the 20.2 update

i have my doubts as there is nothing in the beta and nothing confirmed by IF

I would love to see the Boeing 757-300 come to IF.

then vote for it to support it

Voted my friend!! This is a great and much needed aircraft

I can’t vote for it. Every time it says limit. I try to vote for it and it won’t let me vote

you’re out of votes. remove a vote if you really want this.

Ill be on a Delta 757-300 monday! KATL-KSLC DL0893!

I love the flying pencil! Got my vote!

I just told you It won’t let me vote if i remove a vote

Top Liveries for the 757-300


No winglets on the 757 look far cleaner and better. 😁


Wait AA had 753s? Very interesting, never knew that!

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Very cool @ClassicAirlinerLover, these are my top liveries