Boeing 757-200 Tutorial

Weight: Normal.

• Take off: 15% with 5° flaps, 10% with 15° flaps.
• A/P-Manual: 5% (full flaps).
• Landing: 20%.

Flaps for take off:
• Long runway: 5° (15% trim).
• Short runway: 15° (10% trim).

Flaps for landing:
• 1°: 230kts.
• 5°: 205kts.
• 15°: 180kts.
• 20°: 170kts.
• 25°: 155kts.
• 30°: 148kts.

Landing speed: 135kts.
Take off speed: 150kts.

Flare: 30ft.
Idle thrttle: 10ft.

When deploying each flap segment, the plane will slow it’s descent rate and then will continue at established A/P V/S.

Criticism welcome.


Where do you get that info from?
Expecially the Trim and “Flare: 50 ft.” thing.

Those Vref speeds and related altitudes look pretty weird as well.


Before making any flight between two points I take off from any large enough region so I can test l the plane.

At which speed does the plane nose up so as to start deploying the flaps.

The trim info is like this:

Take off: a number not too low to avoid pulling so much from the yoke, but not too great so as to avoid a tail crash against the runway.

A/P-Manual: a number in which, when at full flaps, the plane won’t swing up and down.

Landing: the number in which you can keep a steady descent rate without going out of the glideslope and without pulling too much your device.

The flare, isn’t always at 50ft? I always do that when the 50ft sounds.

I took the altitudes from another page and accomodated them in such a way that, when I’m ready for ILS interception, I am fully configured.

It takes practice.

Which speeds were you mentioning? The flap ones or the 165kts-135kts?

Yep, I’ve been playing IF for two and a half years now, and the 752 was my first IAP.

Let’s start saying that an “A/P” takeoff or landing should never ever be an option.
The Trim in IF doesn’t work like in real world since your yoke (device) isn’t fixed, making low trim settings pointless.
Flaps for takeoff… well… I’d rather choose flaps 5 instead of 15.
The approach. You’ve written some pretty weird things. Those Vref speeds look all to high, I’m pretty sure the nose will dramatically pitch down. The altitudes are also pretty strage. It’s very unlikely that a pilot deploys the flaps at 8.000 or 10.000 ft. Usually aircraft intercept the ILS with flaps 15, and have fully deployed their flaps at about 1.000 ft.
The landing speed looks fine.
I personally flare the 757 at 30 ft as its not that heavy.

Don’t you mean Long runway=10* and Short runway=15*? Or is that intentionally?

The thing is, that if I don’t deploy the flaps at those speeds, the plane’s nose will go up.
Which speeds do you use?

First of all there isn’t a Flaps 10 in the 757.
Takeoff flaps depend on runway length, runway conditions, elevation, temperature and weather.

Oh sorry, I thought it was a mistake since I don’t have the Boeing 757-200. My fault

Where did I put A/P for take off or landing?

Sorry, I misread these three rows.

Weights are in thousands of lbs:


Please post them. I tried using IRL flap settings for other planes and they didn’t work out.
Checking, someone wrote that the use of thr lower flap settings were of less than 240kts.

Based upon FMC calculations of the QualityWings 757-200 on a full-fuel full-passenger aircraft (100 percent load!) out of KORD in FSX and experiments within Infinite Flight itself, I’ve actually found myself forced to fly over 148 when flying a lower approach pattern with such high loads, hence dropping Flaps 30 and setting the aircraft down at 145 after setting idle about 40ft up. I’ve also done this with IF registering a 85% load (full passenger, not-so-full center fuel tank).

I think this might be worth noting for higher load landing situations. Weirdly enough, aircraft still takes off at normal v1 speeds listed above- though a bit on the sluggish side.

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Good evening!
I have already bought Boeing 757-200, I have noticed just one thing: the “nose” of the aircraft is always coming down, it is too low complaining to the fuselage. Is it normal?
Thank you.

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It’s quite an old aircraft and is need of a redo but it is normal and a very neat aircraft to fly.

Can this be moved to #tutorials? I don’t know if only staff can do so.

It cannot because the poster is not a regular. I also can say some of the information is not correct.

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