Boeing 757-200 Tango-01.

The Tango-01 is the most important plane of the Presidential Air Group of Argentina and was once the most modern presidential aircraft in all Latin America.
It was bought in 1992 by the then president Carlos Menem with a total cost of 66 million dolars. The aircraft is a Boeing 757-200 and it’ll be replaced by a more efficient plane by 2016 (maybe).

Its interior is devided in 3 zones, each one with massaging seats.
The first zone, called VIP, has 14 seats. The second, destined to the presidential committee, has 20 seats. These two zones have TVs and satellital internet (in all the plane).
The third zone, the presidential zone, with mahogany coating, has a dining room with capacity for up to 6 people, an office destined for private reunions and two suits. One of them has a double bed with a TV and a wardrove, while the other has two beds with TV and video.
The bathroom, with golden taps, includes a shower.

Equiped with advanced technology, is one of the little group of aircraft that have 70 different computer systems that are able to detect each problem that might come up, giving instructions so as to which maneuver should be made. This system is able to ward the plane off from colisions in zones of high density flights.

The Tango-01 has navigational and satellite comunication systems that ease the pilots communications with every part of the world.

The original model, a Boeing 757-200, was modified with two more fuel tanks under the wings, so as to have more range.

The plane is destined to be phased out by the end of 2015/early 2016 and to be replaced by a more efficient aircraft.



I read in an article that the president Macri will travel in commercial flights instead of traveling in the old VIP aircrafts for reduce money in new planes and fuel. It’s a great idea for me because is more efficient and clean and safes a lot of Argentinian pesos.