Boeing 757-200 Sunday Airlines (WMKK- UAAA)


Aircraft : Boeing 757-200
Livery : Sunday Airlines (UP-B5703)
Flight route : Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) to Almaty (TFFF)
Flight time : 7h28min
Server : Expert server


1) Boarding of passengers and suitcases / The details are just always insane !

2) Taking off from runway 32R at Kuala Lumpur Airport (WMKK)

3) View over Andaman Sea/ Insane scenery !

4) Cruising at FL370 over Himalaya/ Look at these impressive mountains !

5) Approaching Almaty Airport (UAAA)

6) Final approach and landing runway 05R at Almaty Airport (UAAA)

My impressions of this flight :

This time I decided to fly with Sunday Airlines, a company with a special livery and so colorful that I haven’t seen often (or not yet) on the server expert. I personally find this livery really design but so attractive.

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Almaty, I could discover a lot of different types of scenery, each one as beautiful as the other ! Between ocenans, desert, moutains, etc…

In short, I strongly advise you to try this route !


That is simply mindboggling. Brilliant shots.


Thank you sir ! One of my favorite shots that shows the scenery of Himalaya with mist. The colors are also absolutely so beautiful.

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Wow, no words… The pictures is sooo beautiful ! Great job mate ;)


Wow, you killed that landing!!

Is it just me or do any of you have a hard time steering the 757 after touching down using APPR? My aircraft usually swerves off the runway 🙃

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Nice shots 😍 Image 2 is so class!

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Thanks Baba 😉

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First of all thank you very much!
And yes indeed the 757 goes a little off the runway on landing. Using the 757 now all the time, I could notice that it was quite sensitive to the wind and so it needs to use the rudder more often ;)

Thank you very much ! And there are many others like this one, I had to make a choice :)

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you shouldn’t need to fly over the philippines though on that route

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Great shots mate. Beautiful

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Hey ! Indeed it’s my fault, that’ll teach me to do this topic at 2am haha. So I corrected that.
It’s Andaman Sea.
Thank you for telling me !

Hey ! Thank you for your comment, glad you like it ! ;)

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Wow. Awsome I’m… well amazing thread !

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Hey Hugo, thanks mate ! ;)

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I’m speechless, just fantastic! Thanks for sharing

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Thank you very much for your comment ! It means a lot to me.
I hope to present more topics like this one and more varied :)

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i fly in 2 days with this airline from Alamty to petropavl and nice pictures!!!

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I hope your flight will go well and thank you for your message! ;)

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Wow , amazing shots bro ! 🔥

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