Boeing 757-200 going crazy

A couple of days ago, I flew on a special flight, Air force Two, and decided to fly on a Boeing 757-200, but after I gained cruise altitude, the plane always lowered its nose down, even the trimmer did not help… Is this a problem with the plane’s physics, or my actions?

It’s the planes physics. The 757 is the worst plane you can choose to fly.

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This happened to me before in a A330 once It depends sometimes on a number of factors.

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Check this out. I voted for it because like @tunamkol said the 757 is the worst plane to fly.

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It’s not you. The Boeing 757 is an old plane in IF, and it is in dire need of a rework. Check out the link from @Zhopkins and consider putting in a vote for its rework!


Okay thanks guys!
Would know, this is bad plane. :((

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You should try final approach on a 757 at 80 kts GS. Trust me it works

Exactly @tunamkol the 77 is the worst plane to fly in Infinite Flight

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