Boeing 757-200: Aircraft Review

To celebrate the return of my regular status, and since I’m not bothered doing one tomorrow, I’ll review another aircraft today. The Boeing 757, a great hero of the 80’s!


Price: $7.99 (Australian Dollar)
Liveries: 20
Airport Restriction: Charlie


ICAO Designator: B752
MTOW: 255,000lbs
MLW: 198,000lbs
Engines: Rolls Royce RB211 & Pratt and Whitney 2000
Wake Turbulence Level: High

#Test Aircraft:

Airline: Aeromexico
Registration: N803AM
Airport: MMTJ


The Boeing 757-200 is a hero of the 1980’s and still is, 34 years later. Making its debut in 1982, it’s a shining star in the real world. In Infinite Flight though, it can be a challenge. The Boeing 757-200 is one of those aircraft that needs a lower N1 than the rest of the aircraft for Takeoff, and also lower landing speed depending on the weight.

The Boeing 757 cockpit is a disappointment. No Animated Parts, the only part is the Yoke. And it doesn’t come with the essentials every Infinite Flight Cockpit has now, such as Animated Parts, and also Lights. It also doesn’t have window lights that newer IF Models have. Its also disappointing to see what looks like carpet on the seats, and very bad textured floors too, with similar resemblance to the Boeing 767 Rotate reviewed earlier. The Cockpit of the 757 still looks like it’s back in the 1980’s, when today we want Clean and Modern! But this adds to the character of the plane.

Its also the Flaps on the 757 deploy faster than normal flaps on say a 737. The gear doesn’t even have tilt (Like all IF Heavies) so its missing even more!

#The Bottom Line

As this is an old flight model, you still expect it to be bad. The Boeing 757 might be outdated, and may have its closest french rival, the Airbus A321 replacing it in the next decade. This aircraft is a beautiful aircraft, and even though YOU might choose the more modern and sleek A321, you still want to have that old feel. It’s like comparing a Spitfire to an F-22, the Spitfire is always going to have popularity as it is old and historic. That’s what this aircraft is all about. The performance and all the features that make up this 757 is remarkable. Thankyou Matt and Philippe for such a great aircraft, and remember there is always room for improvement!


Nice review @Captain_DJ

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The 757 is one of my favorite planes ;)

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The A321 is free ._.

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Landing gear tilt? Infinite Flight heavies don’t have landing gear tilt…