boeing 748 VERY LOW FUEL successful emergency landing

i did all the calculations for a flight from Hong Kong to Luxembourg, it was perfect i managed to do a perfect step-climbing up to FL405 and it didn’t show me that my fuel won’t be enough its rather showed me that i had one hour extra fuel,.

however i am sick since yesterday so i over slept ;.; i passed my destination by one hour, from there i got the low fuel notice! i could have landed at any nearby airport but i was determined to land at my destination airport so i made a turn heading back to Luxembourg airport during approach i tried to do everything i could from controlling the trim all the way to the v/s as will as the flaps, i removed spoilers when my speed got to 200 kts cause the speed brakes eat a lot of fuel! but i still managed to not exceed the speed limit below 10000ft, while approaching left downwind there was crosswinds and while doing the left base turn i was so close to terrain i got 500/200ft callouts because the airport is over 1000ft above sea level if i am not wrong, but i managed to perfectly manually land the aircraft although it wasn’t a smooth landing but we did it, there’s was noway that i let the autopilot do the left base turn i had to manually fly the aircraft from there, also the left base turn was quite a sharp turn that you wouldn’t normally do on a large aircraft such as the 748 but i had to do that since i was so low on fuel i didn’t want to miss the last seconds of remaining fuel,.

the fuel went down to 0 as i tried using the reverse thrust! if i had made one single mistake i would have crashed on a mountain once my fuel go down to 0 and the engines shutdown, this was my very first emergency landing and it was successful,.

as you see in the pic the engines were shutdown automatically as there was no more fuel left,. so i only had that one chance to land the aircraft and if i missed it its would have been the end,.


Hello there! Make sure to post these type of stories in the #screenshots-and-videos category. That includes any story or description with screenshots, or any video attached. That would make more sense for a TL2 user.

But anyways, nice shot and a great story.

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Interesting story.

Hopefully those packages on board are okay, and hopefully unharmed.

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alright thanks


Thats why my package of whisky glasses were broken when they arrived… Thanks!

Good job though.


Wow! I didn’t know Captain Joe was on IF!


Lol 😂 That’s what I thought


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