boeing 748 glitch?

this is happens when i set an altitude for autopilot, firstly i set the v/s at 2000 for example and then while selecting the altitude at some point the aircraft violently pitches up & down for a few seconds and then stops!

is it a glitch?


No, it’s not a glitch. The Auto Pilot does not have smooth transitions, if you could not already tell. Just pitches up high to get to 2000 VS quickly.

You could also vote for smooth Auto Pilot Transitions here:


If you set 2000fpm, and the AP altitude is set below the aircrafts altitude, the plane will suddenly go down with -2000fpm instead of 2000fpm. It helps to first set the altitude, them turn on AP

alright thanks

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Your welcome! Ask any questions about Infinite Flight in the #live category. #support is dealing with in-game problems or disturbances. 😉👍

This is not a glitch. In fact this happens to all aircrafts. This also happens when you turn the autopilot on/off. You just have to be careful.

To prevent any more immediate VS effects, turn down the VS from 2,000 to 250, change your altitude, and then turn the VS back to 2,000. That should smoothly re-stabilise your aircraft. Hope this helps. :)

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This part can be avoided by calibrating before turning off the AP and have some positive trim set :)


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