Boeing 747SP

Totally forgot about Qantas.


I think this needs bumping again. Not getting as much support as I think it can, everyone likes Baby Boeing!

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I like the Baby Boeing. Would like to fly the PAX version instead. I hate SOFIA 😒


That’s why I requested it.


It would be a great edition though. A “SP” or Special Performance is meant to show that it has a longer range, than the other 747’s. Sadly the B77L replaced it :(

Would like this with a -100 and -300 :)


And the 747-200 Qantas livery. Maybe the old 747’s should get a rework, especially with the animations and flaps not being very realistic. Better cockpit too? Anyway, we need the 747SP. It looks so awesome!

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That’s going to be a long way away. I mean the developers are working on the B787, CRJ and in future the C-17, A330, A340, 757, 767 and then the 747. Long way away. :( Hope to see this sometime with all the new features!

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And making new aircraft in the meantime :-( But people have their opinions and priorities. Maybe not Baby747 priorities.

Oh we definetly need this! I love flying weirdly shortened airplanes! (A318, 737-700, A332)


For those long range routes


I believe Air Mauritius had them

We need more BBACs (Big Boeing Aluminum Container), and the SP is the best one. 'Nuff said.

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We need this!

I thought the Boeing 737-600 was the Baby Boeing.

Saudia would be nice!

Aerolímeas Argentinas SP ftw.

Didn’t American Airlines have a 747SPF?

No, only a 747-100 and 747-200.

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They did have an SP.


Simply change the Sofia.