Boeing 747

The physics of the 747 are all wrong, the plane with full weight pulls up itself at 150knts, after retracting the flaps the plane suddenly pulls up almost going into a stall???


Are you sure you are below MTOW? Are you using the correct speeds? Are you having a brisk tailwind? We need more information. ie Videos, pics, etc.


This is a common discussion about which aircraft should be worked and it has been mentioned that each plane will be reworked.

Until then you have to be patient like the rest of us.

Your issue may be due to pilot errors


I wasn’t saying that the 747 has to be reworked right now I was just discussing

This topic doesn’t make much sense, the 747 will be reworked soon. @Carson please close this.

Useless, just flag the topic. No use tagging to close topics.

All i can say is just learn to become one with the aircraft or use autopilot and trim. It took me a month to figure it out

The 747 is solid aircraft, the best for me. I fly the 747-8 cargo all the time and have not experienced these issues. I regularly fly it fully loaded and it have never let me down. The 747 is simply epic, the best.

Not a support topic.