Boeing 747-SCA

Not sure of a category but is it possible to reach a certain altitude and have the space shuttle detach from the jet? If not that would be totally cool

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So then who would land the Space Shuttle after it detaches? 😂


It would fly off into space lol 😁

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I already requested that on the feedback forum, and they replied “NOT PLANNED” 😭😭😭😭😭 Although they David did postpone my idea of having a parachute when the shuttle lands🙂

I’d love to have it with shuttle removed

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Look above your reply please😊🔝

What about it?

This thread gave me an idea for an Space Shuttle mission: after detaching from the SCA 747, glide back to Edwards Air Force Base. That is, if the Space Shuttle gets an update at any point in time.

You guys realize that it’s a carrier not a launch aircraft for the space shuttle right?


But it was used for glide tests with the shuttle.

All in all I think I speak for a few ppl that think it would be pretty dang cool if it was detachable from the jet

Or in the livery selector you could have “No Shuttle” and “Shuttle Equipped”.


I said that I requested this on the feedback forum and David said its not planned

It would be totally cool 😏🤑👌🏿👍🏻 if they would think

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Shuttle detach around 4:30.

That would be awesome. Or it could be a multiplayer mission one person pilot the jet the other person gets ready for separation

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