Boeing 747 Rework


Just saw this and am throwing my vote in because of how much I love the 747!


When I was a weee one I flew on one of Qantas 744 from Sydney to Tokyo so I’m very close to this aircraft I guess you could say it’s where my passion for Aviation began.


A nose cargo door would be amazing indeed but it would take some real good coding, it would be cool because the DC-10F has a working side door and we dont realy have any modern freighters in game with working doors :) ;) <3 <3


Please add EVA 747 livery if they did a rework.


I would love to see a Boeing 747 SR (Short Range) or SP (Special Performance)


We’re nine votes away from hitting that 100 mark!
Thanks to everyone so far who’s shown their support towards this amazing aircraft. It’s greatly appreciated.


I can’t wait for this rework if it comes in the future! 😁