Boeing 747 Rework


Would this rework include the VC-25 (Air Fore One)? Because it would be amazing to see an interior of Air Force One and fly in it!


Becuase I’m not a Dev so I can’t confirm anything. But If they were to rework this bird I reckon they would rework all of the 747 variants that arw in the sim (-400, -8 & VC-25). I’m not sure that they would add an interior on the VC-25


Well all aircraft will get an interior, I just don’t know if this will get it’s own, like the 737 BBJ.


Of course a vote from my side! Lufthansa sends 2 more 747-430 into D-Check this winter, preparing them for additional 7 years of flying…in real and in IF .


What’s the event about?


Let’s try and keep this thread as neat as possible. Why don’t you PM him?


Why do we need 4K cockpit textures? I mean most iPhone/iPad displays are only 1440p, so we couldn’t see it anyway…


OMG! I like this. You have my vote!


Edited my reply.


Gonna give this thread a bump. Our Queen in my opinion deserves an overhaul, even if it’s a soft touch up like the 737. If this were to happen at some point, wing flex would be my favorite feature because that to me makes the 747 series so special.


Got my vote. I love the 747 needs the attention it deserves.


I can imagine all the freighter liveries…


The 747 is my most flown aircraft is I still love it, I really want some UPS liveries, wing flex, a complete rework of it.

(I know theirs feature requests I’ve already voted for them)


If my queens ever get rework I will buy an additional 10 years of Infinite Live pro subscription 😊 #queenoftheskiesis😍 I voted!!


I personally would like to see BA world cargo
livery included. 3492709668

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Oh my gosh, I’ve never known that BA flew 747-8F’s! 😲🤯 It really looks good!


Yeah they did but the World Cargo side seized operation in 2014 I believe. Its a shame.


The 747 needs the rework very hard! All airlines are slowly taking down this beauty and so does it in infinite flight I rarely see the 747.


This I’d definitely needed as this family was a start of a generation


Will throw a vote to this AFTER the A330 gets reworked