Boeing 747 Rework


Feel free to vote for my 747-8F topic. ;)

Shamless plug lol


I’m 99% sure that this would be included in a 747 rework. ;)


I would really love to see this, however hopefully they keep it free or at least purchasable for people without pro.


Hopefully they’ll do the same like with the CRJ-200


I so hope they add wing flex. The 747 in IF just doesnt look right in the air without the flexin wings


FDS said it over and over again, we will get wing flex on every aircraft. It’s only a matter of time.


Would be awesome to see the front nose open up on the freighters!


For sure, that is one of the best parts about the 747 Freighter


Yeah! It sure is @Daniel14!


Just noticed that the 747-400F request was closed. Why was that?


The 747-400F Feature Request linked in this thread isn’t closed. Possibly it was a different one?


Tbh I’m not really sure.🤷‍♂️


I would love to see the B747 reworked that’s why I have voted for it also it’s my favourite airliner of course.




This and the A380 rework will be godly.


I think this should be added too.


Didn’t that plane crash?


9V-SPK is the Flight 006 that crashed. 9V-SPL is the sister aircraft of 9V-SPK which they repainted to the Standard Livery after the accident.


Oh cool! Didn’t know that they made that after the original one. 🤯


No, They were 2 “Tropical” Promotion Livery Aircraft at the time. The accident aircraft 9V-SPK was painted in Singapore Airlines special promotion livery, a scheme called “Tropical”, at the time of the accident. The special Livery was intended to promote Singapore Airlines new first class and business class products. After the accident, 9V-SPK’s sister aircraft, 9V-SPL, the only other aircraft painted with the promotional livery, was immediately removed from service and repainted with standard Singapore Airlines livery. Not until 2015 would another Singapore Airline’s airframe be painted in any livery other than the standard for Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance.