Boeing 747 Rework


Alone the imagination of the B747-8i’s wing flexing during medium turbulences above the Atlantic made me vote for this.


The Dash-8 is also a 4K airplane considering it has a 4K cockpit and the liveries look amazing as well.


I only listed a few of the recent additions, but you are correct the Dash 8 does have 4k textures. Same goes for the C-130, it also has 4k textures.


Saw all the requested features and I had to vote for this, would love to see this plane with the same quality as the CRJ and MD11. Wingflex is really needed for this plane, gear tilt as more realism to the plane, and cargo versions will be nice to fly with many airlines turning their 747s to cargo planes. 👍🏼


I’m pretty sure the 747 is the reason Boeing didn’t go bankrupt
So yes please rework it! It’s such an icon of the Aviation industry


Thanks to lockheed for winning the contract Boeing survived:)


This is a great idea, I think that before having more planes, actual planes have to be reworked, (wingflex, gear tilt, ``stronger´´ taxi and landing lights …)


And with main gear stearing !!!
It’s IMPOSIBLE to turn with this aircraft without 50% of trhust !!!


I can see this being reworked with loads of liveries added. Gonna be awesome!


Please rework this FDS :(


If a rework for this comes, hopefully they make the 747 tail less stubby.



InFinite Flight


If you are talking about the elevator, it’s the pitch trim wich does this

but we can see the same on the actual 777 in IF, so yeah


No, I’m talking about the tail. The tail looks fat when it should be slimmer. Compare the APUs.


ahhh ok ok

the APU section, yeah, I didn’t see it

ok ok yeah you’re right


For The Heritage Bois

N670US (NWA)


I dont think the -300 is needed only KLM had many of them.


Just a hint: Always give credit to the owner or someone like me will keep on nagging you.

I hope that as many liveries as possible will be added when this rework comes. I believe NWA will come becuase of Mark Denton


Hey guys new here

So I can’t post features can someone request a Virgin Atlantic 747 livery thanks


This thread isn’t the place to request features. However you can go vote for it here:

Or if you want another version of the livery, vote here:

Hope you find this useful :)


I really hope when this amazing aircraft gets reworked they add a freighter version as well.