Boeing 747 Rework


It’s ok lol. No problem bud!!


Would love to see a reworked -400 before she retires.


Yes. Lufthansa and British Airways need to keep their 744s


Would be lovely to see but they are getting old and need to retire soon. At least Lufthansa has the -8i.


At least for BAW, they’ve said to keep their -400’s until February 2024 and half of their fleet to be phased out in 2021.


Going to bump this as I believe a rework of this plane would do great things for IF


Yes. We need cabins!!! My favorite feature is cabins!!!
If ok could someone add cabins as a feature? They also have cabins in the upper deck for freighter variants!


The 747 is such a great aircraft but I feel is not at its best in game


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I just added a Detailed Cabin future


Thank you! Your the best!😁👍


Having tail logo lights would be really nice as well.


Definitely agree with you here, voted!


No problem but thank you for reminding me to add this to the list of features


There’s a separate request for Tail Logo lights. You can vote for that, by clicking the thread down below.


The 747 was already reworked once. Other aircrafts need a rework more than this aircraft.


I will vote for this when there is finally a UPS livery for the 747.


Would love this rework, like the A320 Family had adding, wing-flex, liveries, and more. Which hopefully wouldn’t take too long to do.


I know, I was just saying that so that it could be added to the features list in the opening post.


As I said above, there are plane’s that desperately need a rework.
I believe the Devs could do an amazing rework to the 747 comparing it to the recent Aircraft that have been added/ reworked (CRJ Family, MD-11 & DC-10, Airbus A320 Family)