Boeing 747 Rework

More bad news for Boeing

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The Big Lady will most likely be sold at auction as opposed to being scraped. I would think Atlas, UPS, Silk, CargoLux and maybe even Lufthansa may vie for her if the price is right!

Bean Counters.
“Oh we can’t make it for the price we quoted!” “What do we do?”
Calhoun is a Muilenberg lackey and needs to go work at GM with all of his underlings too.
Boeing can be extremely profitable with the right people at the helm. Say, Bill Allen or Thorny Wilson? Legends and Mavericks. If Bill Boeing was alive today…

Tighten the belts, roll up the sleeves and get it done!

Did you see this too?
Little Sophie is ending her career…
Sad News.

Boeing 747


The greatest of them all…

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Thai Airways International Boeing 747.

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1,220 votes not bad

Please add National 747



I don’t know about you guys, but I have fears about what the 747 rework could give, as we see for the A330.
The Devs team decided to do only the -300 and 2 engine variants (RR and GE), not as we all wanted the entire version of it with the -200 and the -300 with the PW engine.

Depending on their creterias, they might do only add 2 engine variants instead of all of them (such as the CF6 and the RB211) just for the Speedbird liveries and the virgin Atlantic.
We might not see alot of cargo variants aswel if they chose to do thins this way…maybe with CF6 for atlasair livery for example and RR211 for cathay liveries.

It’s my point of view anyway



This is the most beautiful 747 flying right now!

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Though highly subjective, I wanna challenge this statement:



But it is a regrettable time. It used to be a time when 747s were shining, but they are losing their popularity rapidly.

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737max overtook me😢

Popularity in passenger travel only. But certainly picking up a new lease in the cargo realm! The Queen will be around and relevant for many years to come.

I vote yes. Yes yes yes!!