Boeing 747 Rework

Would really love to see this iconic livery for the 747-200


I’m sure the queen won’t have any problem with that

Oh we defo need a rework for the 747.

Lol im on both sides but I want th A220 more

No I really want the 747 first! Nothing beats the queen of the skies

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Agreed! 747 my favourite aircraft.


I was supposed to fly the 747 but COVID and I’m now sad I lost the opportunity :(

I’m happy that I’ve flown on a KLM 747 many times! Unforgettable experience!

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747’s I’ve flown on:

747-100: United Airlines
747-200: United Airlines, Northwest Airlines,
747-300: Qantas
747-400: United Airlines (During the Battleship Grey era and Blue tulip), British Airways, Delta, Air France.


Excuse me, but where is your source for the Fedex? Atlas recently bought the last 4, and unless Boeing can convince triumph to build more 747-8F parts, then it’s not happening. :’(


Internal Boing, Boing employee whom has been a very accurate source since college(30+ years)! Just because The Triumph Group doesn’t “currently” have any PO’s for components, does not mean in any way that the line has ended for the -8.
They will wait until any orders show up before ramping up parts again. And Atlas Cargo purchased the last 4 of a production run that began 2 years ago. With Everett looking for work instead of more layoffs, seems logical that cargo carriers looking for larger haul rates wouldn’t negotiate deals on a few new birds to replace an aging fleet of conversions. Yes?
We’ll wait and see…😁


Everything is possible. Remember when it almost was the end of the line for the 767 in 2010 or smth and then FedEx and UPS made huge orders and it’s still being produced? Who knows what happens with the 747…


I hope… Very unbelievable that the 747 line is ending. And where is the source for the Fedex?

Were they already shutting down parts for the 767 back then?

:fart noise:

Still can’t believe this is in the condition it’s in. Pretty much not air worthy and definitely not fun to fly. Do this legend justice and rework it already.

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Man said Boing lol but at least it made sense at first. I thought it actually said Boeing

Boeing internal word play. Boing Boing. Planes that bounce!

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That info is very hush, hush and on the QT.
Can’t reveal the source for obvious reasons.

Read between the lines on this article from late 2018 AirCargo News…

Turkish Airlines kicked off the year with a confirmed order for three B777Fs, to be delivered this year, on top of the two it already operates, while Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) is acquiring two B777 freighters — for delivery in 2019 — in response to the “expanding market in Asia, China, and North America”.

The secondary market saw US-based aircraft lessor Atlas Air acquire two B777-200 freighters in March from LATAM Airlines, South America’s biggest cargo airline. Both aircraft will operate in aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) service for DHL Express through Atlas’ Southern Air subsidiary.
In February this year, FedEx rival operator UPS ordered an additional 14 Boeing B747-8F cargo jets and four new Boeing 767F aircraft to provide additional capacity in response to demand growth.

The home page of Boing Boing Freighters.
Hmmm, the first craft listed is…

Our girl. The Queen of the skies of course!


How does this show FedEx is getting 748s? Am I just blind? XD