Boeing 747 Rework

Well they did it with the 777 family

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The 747 is a whole bigger and more complex

If this 747 vote win, Infinite Flight development will be more challenging, more bigger and more time to built than previous aircraft.

*I’m running out of idea to write more about this. My brain hurt to think

it will be worth the wait

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ya but remember some people in here don’t know patience, and they will start criticizing the dev team for no reason

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Definitely got my vote

This is now on 763 (767-300)!

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ahh the 747, the Queen should get a rework! Voted :D

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Id love to see the B747 being able to fly the ILS not only the approach, No much fun when you on the ILS and disconnect the A/P to flying the G/S and then then you’re out of trim etc.

Yea true Some people are like that

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767 votes!!

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ahhhhh its hinting us that the 767 may get reworked next 😯😲😂 jk what if

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I honestly don’t mind waiting for some time to get a rework but…

How nice would a physics rework with the addition of APPR be? I mean, it’s one of the most important aircraft in aviation history.

Own picture


Yeah I think it’s really unlikely that the 747 will be reworked any time soon. We will probably get an A220 or a 757 rework. I would be happy with a simple A330 style rework though. Just some updated physics and wingflex.

Also 769 votes: the 747 first flew in 1969.


We need a 757 rework more than anything tho… Hopefully the queen will follow right after!


What we want (already at right timestamp)

What we get

Or at least adding wingflex like the A330.

And then a full rework


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Maybe it is to some extent, it made something that no other aircraft did: Make regulators not trust FAA anymore


Fair point. Which begs the question, should we trust a new Airbus aircraft as well? 🤷‍♂️😜