Boeing 747 Rework

99% sure it won’t be happening soon. Not sure where you saw this but it was probably a joke.

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Here is the link

I have an old iPhone 3GS laying around that can’t update anymore, so sometimes I open IF on that to use the old 747 ;)


If they do rework it it would be great if they added the 744f. It would also be great if they make the slats retract when the reverse thrust is engaged. You’ll see what I mean here:


The landing look wired though but great job.😧😃

I think the 747 would look stunning with cabin lighting and wing flex.

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Some cool liveries they could add…

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Saudia
  • Rossiya
  • Air New Zealand

Well, the 747 is a good plane actually, may be adding some liverys and a cockpit rework, not more… there are some planes that need a higher rework insted…

Thats true… like the A330, there is only a handful of liveries!

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Yeah, the A330 needs a very big rework (cockpit, physics, add liverys) it’s one of the most used planes (at least by me) and it’s a really nice plane, Im not saying the 747 is not a nice plane

Also some wingflex, and maybe add the 747F


I personally don’t see many people use it unfortunately, but I try to use it a lot.


Yeah, wingflex must be added in all planes, but we are far to that…

Would also be nice to have the tail logo lights, as well as the illuminated windows.


This is something that would be needed along side a rework:

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AND the F18 don’t you think?

wooooow , Just the wingflex and it’s like a PMDG 747

Put this in here: