Boeing 747 Rework Fan-Made Trailer

Unfortunately for me, the 747 did not make it into the top 2 of the poll, however I still want to share this trailer with you all. I hope you enjoy. Notice that this is only my 2nd ever music-based movie, and the 1st made with IF.

If you want to see this beauty reworked, and perhaps a remastered version of this trailer with the new 747, make sure to vote here!


Yeah the 747 is getting worse it seems
Almost like the 717 but the 747 doesn’t want to stay on the ground 😂
Cool video!

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Nice video. But I think you will like this fan trailer it has some of the best editing I have ever seen. I have good editing skills but this is 1000 times better than mine. Hope you enjoy.

Yeah I’ve seen it. A (no words) trailer indeed!

Yeah. It is really amazing. @Alexander_Nikitin made it lmao. He should be an IF editor in my opinion.

For some reason I think his trailers are better than IF’s ones 😂

Yeah ikr. No offense to @jasonrosewell he is a Very good and amazing editor don’t get me wrong. But as a suggestion from my point of view: IF should spice up their trailers like a bit to an extent that @Alexander_Nikitin did and really engages the viewer and keeps them on there feet wondering what’s next. Not that the trailers right not do not do that haha I love them and the videos especially the music Jason haha. The IF trailers are very cool and both videos have great quality and camera angles. Lol IF is making a big mistake not hiring him haha. JK but Alex is a very talented editor too as well as Jason. Imagine them making a video together that would be like so godlyyyyy.

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This is an incredibly insulting and insensitive comment. Believe it or not, it’s quite possible to compliment someone’s work without using it as an opportunity to drag someone else through the mud.

Keep up the good work @Alexander_Nikitin and @AvioesEJogos. Thanks for continuing to display Infinite Flight in such a professional way!


Hey @Tyler_Shelton,

I did not say that IF videos are bad. I said they are amazing. I just said that Alexanders videos have different camera angles which make it a little more abstract and interesting. Don’t get me wrong IF hands down has amazing editing. I did not mean to “insult” or for it to be “insensitive” I was complementing both videos. I did not drag anyone through the mud and no harm was intended or inflicted in such action or incident. If you such disagree idk you could discuss it privately with me but I don’t get what I did because I made it very clear that Jasons editing is very good I just was saying a couple different things about the videos and both the skills and filming angles. I was complementing both videos for the record.

Have a nice day, evening, or morning.


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Great work guys. Let’s just remember who the op is, and focus on his video, and nobody else’s. Completely off topic, and although @Alexander_Nikitin ‘s videos are amazing, they shouldn’t take away from any other community member or official videos, or the effort that goes into them. Hope to see more from you in the future @AvioesEJogos 🙃


Hi @bcc.123,

Haha I agree. Don’t want to be hipicritial or anything but yes I do hold myself accountable for those actions such as being off topic and taking that away from another members topic. I am sorry about that and that we got to this off topic point @AvioesEJogos. I also agree about the Alexander’s editing part but that is off topic. Nice video @AvioesEJogos and I look forward to seeing more videos in the future. @bcc.123 one question, if you made a video, but it is for your VO (I made it for my VO and I have ownership of it) and wanted to show it on the IFC sort of like Avioes did. Is there a way I can do it that is proper and allowed? You can PM me about it since its off topic but just wondering on a side note.

Anyways thanks for making us acknowledge that and I am very sorry about that.

Have a nice day or evening. (P.S. SpaceX Rocket just docked at ISS if any of you want to see just a historic moment in history so thought it was impiortant)


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Looks cool and neath!
Makes people excited for the B747 rework if it ever comes by.

(maybe make one for the B712 and A346 to give them so more attention and get some extra practice 😛😇?)

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Sad no sub noises yeah some planes even in that very bad state require sub (notably A340, current 757 and 767 lol

2 month later edit: uuuuhhh nevermind for the next 5 months

This is a great trailer!