Boeing 747 OVERRUN at Halifax


arent you supposed to takeoff and land in headwinds on normal situations?


Yes, that could be one factor for the overrun


No, it’s not a horrible year for aviation. It just seems worse because there’s more media coverage.


When you hear about a plane crash so you turn on the news to see what’s new with it, then you rember… midterms…


Yes. All planes takeoff and land into the wind. Usually most planes have a max Tailwind component of 10 knots so


Well, some overruns, a Boeing 737-8 MAX crash, the Aeromexico Connect Crash, the Air Niugini on the sea, the pegasus overrun on January… and now a 747-400F overrun… do you think it isn’t a bad year?!


Well, crash wise, yes, fatality wise, no. Every year has over 1000 aviation fatalities


Was it slippery out there?


Looking at the picture, it looks like there is no gear, does anyone know if they used their gear?


Yes they did. The collapse when they hit the ILS at the end of the runway


Wow! Something didn’t go to plan


It’ll be interesting see what happened from the officials!


That runway looks awfully short and with the fact that u said there were tailwinds I think ATC should have vectored the plane to a longer runway with more favorable winds


It was 7000 plus feet! ATC asked if they needed the other runway but the crew said they could take 14. It’s not ATCs fault


That’s why they say… Cue the music! You can always go around!


It says at the top 744


How did it even happen?! isn’t the 744 one of the aircrafts that has good track record…Well, Most of the time… But hasn’t it been one of the safest aircraft to ride on?


Not playing NTSB but if I was to guess (and I did to the math) it was prob Bc they landed with too much of a Tailwind


Yes, they should gone around. As a song says: “You can always go around”


A good track record only tells us as much as that a certain object has minimal issues. In this case the B747, which you say has a good track record, in that case you’f be referring to it not being involved in accidents all that often.

As true as that may sound, the B747 has faced its fair share of difficulties in the past, between the 70’s & 90’s. The last time a B747 was involved in a accident was probably back in 2012 with National Airlines Flight 102 stalling during Takeoff.

So the B747 although having a fairly good track record, at least in most recent years with very few accidents or incidents resulting in human causalities, still has a past with deaths upon hundreds.

A brand new A350 (God forbid) could happen in similar circumstances even if it has a almost perfect track record of no issues in the past. So there’s no saying, the safest aircraft, safest car, safest train, safest product… Anything and Everything can go very wrong in matter of seconds, but most of the time we stay on our path and end our journey safely.