Boeing 747 OVERRUN at Halifax


A Boeing Skylease Cargo 747-400 overran an Halifax 2 hours ago. The NTSB arrived there, but we don’t know nothing about what could happen to the aircraft.
If someone knows more things, please post it.
It’s a horrible year for aviation…
It landed on runway 14, the shortest of both, and it had a tailwind of 21kts
The link of the photo and info:


Wow! I hope everyone is okay.


I think both pilots are wright.


Here is some information regarding the circumstances of this incident. Take a look below:


Wow, such a new aircraft, a rip to the company and the plane involved. Heres a video by DJ:

Hope the crew is fine!


Interesting. I wonder if they should of gone around and used runway 32 instead of 14! That seemed like a more viable choice. With that, this is sad to see another queen go down


It’s over 20 years old, it’s very old! It will most likely be scrapped due to the extent of the damage.


Yeah but, still could have been used for a while. Now obviously it cannot. Still sad to see another one of my favorite planes leave the sky.


Oh wow!! That’s very scary hope everyone is ok! Btw the queen of the skies will always be the best 😉 things just happen sometimes


Oh no way, doesnt look good, but hopefully everything and everyone is safe!


Try and tow that bugger out of the mud…


Glad see everyone is okay! Wonder what happened


It appears that the 747 landed on a relatively short runway. The plane probably landed quite far down the runway. The pilots should have went around.


Another Queen that will not go back into the sky again. :(


From another aviation website. Aircraft had a tail wind of 16G21kts, wet runway as well.

All 5 crew reported ok. Only a small airline so likely end of that company as well.


Yes, I think so, but if they have a 747, they are not that little, I think


Let’s not play NTSB until the real guys get involved please


Not playing NTSB here but doing the math… If the winds were 250 degrees at 15 knots gusting to 21 just before touchdown and they landed on runway 14, that would mean they landed with a right quartering tailwind of 5 knots and gusts to 7 knots with an X-wind component of 14 knots gusting 20 knots…

IF they had used runway 32, the headwind would be 5 knots and gusts of 7, and a left crosswind of 14 knots and gusts of 20. They would of also had a left quartering headwind.

Once again, not playing NTSB, but doing some logical math calculations with wind and runways.



Sounds good - I wouldn’t play NTSB about that’s me.


Oh dang! Looks really bad