Boeing 747 OJT Retirement

Qantas says goodbye to yet another long-serving member of the family, the VH-OJT Boeing 747 Aircraft. Yesterday, OJT made her last commercial flight as QF55/QFA55 to Los Angeles from Brisbane and will now be ferried over to Mojave. The aircraft will then be withdrawn from service and placed in storage and scrapped on site.

Qantas will continue to phase out the Boeing 747 Fleet as they launch the Boeing 787-9’s.

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Oh dear! Everyone is retiring the 747! It’s so sad to see the Queen go! 😢

I think I saw this very aircraft (VH-OJT) once at KSFO.


I’m actually so sad! She flew right over my house yesterday night and I m completely heart broken 😢💔


You dared to go to KSFO? 😮


I’m going to be sad when they retire OEI. That was the first and only 747 that I’ve flown. What registrations are left, and do they have dates for them?

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They have a set date for when they all are retired and replaced by 787s but I don’t think their are specifics on any of them. If you wanna see if a Varient is still flying type the registration into FR24 and you can see it’s recent flight.

I had to drop off my grandma as she was heading back to Vietnam 😂

But yeah I was in Terminal A and I think I saw that very plane

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Rip 747 1969-sometime in the 2030s.

I was lucky enough to fly on a Qantas 747 back in 2013 from DFW (when it still served DFW) to Brisbane. One of the best flights of my life. Unfortunately I don’t remember to registration as it was pitch dark out and didn’t get a chance to look. Sad to see these leaving the skies!

Sad. I remember when Delta flew its last 747 to Hawaii. Itll truly be missed

So sad to see the 747’s go. Its painful to witness it’s retirement

Those are the 747s currently left with Qantas

MSN LN Aircraft Type Reg Airline Config Delivered Status / Fate Aircraft Name
25564 1230 Boeing 747-438 VH-OJS Qantas C58W36Y270 30. Sep 1999 Active Hamilton Island
25566 1239 Boeing 747-438 VH-OJU Qantas C58W36Y270 24. Jan 2000 Active Lord Howe Island
25778 983 Boeing 747-48E VH-OEB Qantas F14C52W32Y255 29. May 1998 Active Phillip Island
32909 1308 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEE Qantas C58W36Y270 06. Dec 2002 Active Nullarbor
32910 1313 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEF Qantas C58W36Y270 31. Oct 2002 Active Sydney
32911 1320 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEG Qantas C58W36Y270 20. Dec 2002 Active Parkes
32912 1321 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEH Qantas C58W36Y270 09. Feb 2003 Active Hervey Bay
32913 1330 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEI Qantas C58W36Y270 26. Jun 2003 Active Ceduna
32914 1331 Boeing 747-438(ER) VH-OEJ Qantas C58W36Y270 30. Jul 2003 Active Wunala

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