Boeing 747 Informational Slideshow

Hello everyone!, I have decided to make a informational slideshow all dedicated to the iconic Boeing 747. It will be done in the coming days and will be available for all to see. If you have any other aircraft requests for me to do just drop a comment and i’ll do my best to respond to all of you


Should be interesting… Have fun making it and I can’t wait to see it!

Is this going to be RWA related?

Can you make one about the MD 10 tanker?

Will do after I’m done with the 747

What in the world is an MD-10 Tanker

i should warn you now, if anything is incorrect on the 747 slideshow, i will probably point it out. not here. but in a pm


Where’s the slideshow?

Necroposting probably wouldn’t be ideal in this case

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ok then. I will ignore this, as he probably forgot.

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