Boeing 747 Event

Guys, anyone up for a flight on 7/22/15 at 8:00pm EST (New York, Boston, etc.) at KLAX? Fly a Boeing 747-200, 400, VC-25, SOFIA, or -8. Any airline, any model for the Boeing 747. Park near T3 at KLAX and fly on the ATC playground server. Also is anyone willing to do ATC? Thanks!


I will try and make it! :smile:
Welcome to the community by the way! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need and help! ;) @jyang2703

yea count me in…

Yea I could do ATC if you like but I might not need to if someone is already there. What time is that in GMT, 3:00pm?

I’m can’t play then because I am 4,200 xp

I’m not exactly sure with GMT to EST, but it is probably something like that ;)

Thanks! Hope to see you there!

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I can do ATC :) BTW, 8pm EST equals 10pm GMT :)

Online as KLAX GND now!

whoops :blush: my bad!

think I just saw you! :smile:

I will do atc

don’t forget to take screenshots!