Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

While making a trip visiting friends and family in Wichita Kansas today, we spotted this Boeing 747 Dreamlifter flying into McConnell Air Force Base. The apartment is 4 miles north on final approach to RW 19L and 19R and provides amazing views of the various aircraft coming in to Wichita.
What an incredible plane. The sheer size and capacity is amazing. The cargo hold of the Dreamlifter can carry 65,000 cubic feet of cargo. This particular plane is being used to deliver spare parts for the fleet of KC-135s stationed at McConnell.

photo: mine


Photo looks dope, and the fact that you captured it at an AF Base makes it even danker


I love this aircraft so much! :)

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What an incredible sight to see! Great capture. 😁


That’s pretty cool. I’ve seen Belugas IRL as well, one at Toulouse on the ground, and one flying over the same city. Would be nice to see a dreamlifter!


Really cool you saw it, I wish they flew into Australia to pick up the 787’s wings.

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