Boeing 747 Autopilot Bug!

anyone else experiencing auto pilot failure on the 747 ? I am! and I hope you guys will help me to bring this to our developers attention immediately! we want fly the queen of the skies!!! pls infinite flight fix this problem so we can fly!


I don’t know anything about an autopilot failure in the 747 family, can you provide evidence?

Hello, could you be more specific with the issue you are encountering? Many times the auto pilot will disengage because the pilot in control has the aircraft in a position that doesn’t meet the parameters for AP like too steep of a climb or descent, or your banking too hard.


Maybe the replay would help?

most commonly, the autopilot failure is due to climbing to an excessive altitude, causing a stall and therefore the disengagement of the autopilot. this is not a bug.

check your replay and get back to us.

as I’m climbing to 38,000 ft about a quarter of the way there the 747 starts swerving left to right and doesn’t stop until I switch the heading and the nav off. I tried turning it back on and off repeatedly and as I turn it back on it goes back to doing the same thing.

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send your replay file here. if you don’t know how, ask us.

I had this issue two days ago. I’m pretty sure they know about it since how noticeable this bug is. :)

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