Boeing 747 All Types Discussion and Picture Sharing

The boeing 747 was a break through in the development of aviation and the introduction of affordable commercial air travel.In this thread I plan to share facts,pictures,information about all types of the B747 past,present and future. Whether its liveries or new engines or even your favourite fact it’s all welcome right here!

Useful links:
B747-800 development and construction:

B747-400 in an overhaul:

B747 documentary development,construction to present( COVERS AF1)

Wikipedia page:

Boeing website- 747-800
Air Force One Wikipedia page




Make sure to cover news of the development of the new AF1, that is really the only major change coming around the corner.


The only major news as of now, is it is stored at KVCV I’m going to go see if they are doing anything to them today when I get there.

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The one that is slowly disappearing… the 747-400. My photos.


Isnt there already a topic dedicated to this?

The video about the 747 complete overhaul was fantastic!

(I may be a bit biased, I’m a big Tom Wrigglesworth fan.)

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Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it I found it very intriguing

My local airport too! Grown so much since that recording. Even has daily Qatar flights now!
BA send all their Boeing Aircraft their for overhauls including new B777/B787s!

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It doesn’t make any difference. There hasn’t been activity on the other thread in two months.

The 747 is an absolute beauty! Hopefully she decides to stay around longer than planned!

B-LJE, the first B748 delivered to CX seen here arriving into Houston (IAH).

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Lovely general electric engines on here I would prefer Rolls Royce tho

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I am quite fond of this plane, which I admire is this plane can land on a rather short runway

for example like the video that I share above, definitely with a lightweight and not much aircraft load


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