Boeing 747 (all models) Pitch Up During Flight

When I cruise in a 747, I’ve noticed that it often pitches upwards as though it’s climbing despite it not gaining altitude. When I alter the pitch downwards, the aircraft starts to descend. Is there any way I can rectify this problem?


Its not a problem, they fly like that. However there are a few things you can do. Normally aircraft fly in the region of 5° nose up.

Step climb and set the right speed for it are the keys.

So start your flight ~310 and M0.82, gradually increase to 330 and M0.83, 350 M0.85.

What is your weight? You may be too heavy, or not going fast enough

You are more than likely too heavy for the altitude you are flying at. Try cursing lower initially and then after burning off a few tonnes climb another 2000/4000ft. It’s attitude is increasing to get more lift as it’s struggling to stay at that altitude :)

Guys, stop repeating what has already been put until the OP responds.


Hey there,

I have the exact same issues when I fly the queen. Despite step climbing the correct way, the aircraft always cruises at an extensive positive pitch. I believe that it’s an issue with the actual flight physics of the aircraft. Unfortunately I don’t think anything can be done as I’ve tried just about everything from altering speed, to changing altitudes and to stepclimbing, but nothing seems to stop it.


There is a way to fix it althought it is pretty unrealistic. If you need to fix the cruise issue, put down your flaps to about 10 degrees.

This is normal behavior for the 747 and a few others.

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